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UK Product Recalls

(29/6/04) Product: Russ Berrie pacifier clips - 'Noah's', 'Angel', and 'Sweet Beginnings'.
Problem: Clip edges may be sharp and cause a risk of injury.
Action: Return to stockist for full refund or call 0845 330 9010

(1/2/04) Product: Sports drink bottles - Lion King, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and Princess.
Problem: Bottle top may break off causing choking hazard.
Action: Call helpline on 0808 145023

(9/1/04) Product: Next Childrens sleeping bags.
Problem: Zip puller may become detached causing choking hazard.
Action: Return to any Next store or call 0800 032 4784.

(27/11/03) Product: Mothercare swimsafe jacket since May 2002.
Problem: Buoyancy foam may become detached.
Action: Contact customer care team on 08453 304030.

(18/11/03) Product: Mothercare travel extreme system - cosytoe since 5 Nov 2003.
Problem: Toggles may become detached causing safety problem.
Action: Call customer care team on 08453 304030.

(27/9/03) Product: B and Q Double wooden garden swing.
Problem: Potential problem with D shackles.
Action: Contact helpline on 0800 389 7897.

(9/9/03) Product: Sony Ericsson UKcharger CST-13.
Problem: Risk of component failure - electric shock.
Action: Call customer care centre on 0800 587 6072.

(27/6/03) Product: Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm teething ring 101895.
Problem: Quality problem.
Action: Call customer services on 01793 443322 or return to store for refund.

(7/3/03) Product: H & M childs sleeping bag with cat logo code 923670.
Problem: Zipper tab may become detached - choking hazard.
Action: Call helpline on 0207 323 2211 or return to store for refund.

(7/3/03) Product: JVC portable audio - RC-BX33, RC-BX53, RC-BX330, RC-BX530, RD-T7R, RD-T5, RD-T70LBU.
Problem: Faulty mains lead may pose risk of electrocution.
Action: Call helpline 0800 634 0101 for free replacement cable

(7/3/03) Product: Micromart Time 4 Tea teamaker MM9863, MM9863MO.
Problem: Faulty circuit board may pose fire risk.
Action: Stop using and call helpline on 0800 328 2446

(12/12/02) Product: Wickes 2kW Electric fire - No 450217 produced 1 June to 31 October 2002 .
Problem: Heating element may remain on.
Action: Freephone 0800 587 7280

(12/11/02) Product: IKEA Snuttig soft toy .
Problem: Stuffing may leak and be inhaled or swallowed.
Action: Return to store

(19/9/02) Product: PMS hot water bottle - PMS-SS131ST-01/06 .
Problem: Water may leak.
Action: Stop using immediately - call 0800 652 1352

(3/8/02) Product: Kenwood handblender HB 600/610/630/640/650/660/150 .
Problem: Blade may crack or break in use.
Action: Stop using blender and contact Kenwood on 0808 156 3200.

(25/5/02) Product: ASDA - girls long sleeve hooded tops, popper, denim marigold and basics holiday shop, on sale since March 10.
Problem: Poppers may come loose from clothing.
Action: Return to any ASDA store for refund.

(30/4/2002) Product: ASDA - RAAR Ceramics pint mug barcode 27231784.
Problem: Product may crack in use.
Action: Return to any ASDA store for refund.

(11/4/2002) Product: Wiggly Giggler rattle - Hands on Toys.
Problem: If rattle breaks small parts may become accessible, causing choking hazard.
Action: Stop using rattle and call 0800 7837101.

(5/2/2002) Product: Hammer and wrench multi-tools - T09/07550/4514 and 4516 on sale since October 2001.
Problem: Handle of pull out pliers may break.
Action: Return to any Marks & Spencer store for refund.

(11/12/2001) Product: Nicky Clarke Supersilent Hot Air Styler model NCA3, on sale since August 2001.
Problem: Handle casing may break open.
Action: Call customer helpline on 0800 587 2405.

(16/11/2001) Product: Universal Electronics/One for All (UK) Remote Control Extender SV1000 March 1998 - June 2000.
Problem: Fuse failure may cause overheating.
Action: Call 0808 1000296 helpline or return to One For All (UK) Ltd.

(6/11/2001) Product: Interak mini transporter toy, sold through Asda.
Problem: Train funnel may easily detach causing hoking hazard.
Action: Return to Asda for refund.

(25/8/2001) Product: Johnson and Johnson Intouch 8 Baby Mo